Thanks for becoming an “ocean ambassador.“ Everyone can make a difference! Here’s how:

1. Reduce your environmental footprint:  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

2. Encourage family and friends to vote for elected officials who pledge to protect the environment.

3. Join advocacy groups and organizations that help to protect our environment. Become a member and a volunteer.

4. Sign petitions that strive to promote living in harmony with Mother Earth.

5. Consider the well-being of the planet in all your actions. Every effort makes a difference.

Please see below a list of non-profits we are proud to endorse. We encourage you to visit their websites and get involved.

NGOs helping to protect sea turtles and oceans at large:

Oceanic Preservation Society:

Conservation International:

Environmental Defense Fund:


Loggerhead Marinelife Center:

Natural Resource Defense Council:


Sea Turtle Conservancy:


Sierra Club:

The Turtle Hospital:



NGOs helping to protect sharks:

Shark Alliance:

Shark Allies:

Shark Angels:

Shark Foundation:

Shark Project:

Shark Rescue:

Shark Research Institute:

Shark Safe Network:

Shark Trust:

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